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Time for change

While it is great seeing that I have connections with generous people whom are posting about the donations they are making towards charities during this period, it makes me wonder: why is it that we need a reason like Christmas to do this? And before you call me hypocrite, yes I am just as guilty as they are. It was only this morning that I transferred some money to a bank account of a charity supporting people with mental health issues. It makes me question myself as well: why don’t I have this urge to give back in May? In August? I could now stand up for myself and say that actually I do, which is true, however I have to admit that I am definitely more generous this time of the year. I wish we could somehow drag this attitude out to last 12 months rather than 2 weeks per year.

So for those of us who plan our goals for the following year: how about using this inspiration we feel right now to reflect in our next year’s plans? How about making a conscious decision that instead of the peak of our giving-back in December to be spread over 12 months? Maybe it won’t make a huge difference…at first. But! If at least some of us will start this new habit, eventually others will follow as we have the power to influence by showing an example.

So I start. I hereby publicly declare that from 2018 onwards I will be paying more attention to helping out the ones in need. It doesn’t matter how we do it: either by paying for someone else’s meal, donating our time to a charity, helping out someone with a challenge, telling someone how wonderful they really are, getting behind a volunteer organisation’s objective or simply letting someone jump the queue because they can’t miss their flight. Whatever it is, if it will make another person smile for a while then it is worth it.

My personal goal for 2018 is simply to bring more smiles into this world. Because it will just make it a better place to live in for all of us 🙂

If you agree with this then I encourage you to spread the message. And I don’t mean just by sharing this. Yes that would help getting this out to as many of us as possible so I will be grateful if you do it, but I also encourage you to at least try to adapt a similar attitude that suits YOUR life. #timeforchange


Mind the gap

Gender pay gap – yes, yes you’ve heard it all before, you know women get paid less than men and you know that feminists are angry about this. So what can we do to make things better?

If you don’t feel your blood boiling because of the fact that some people put less cash in their pocket for doing the same job, then let me put it this way to you. Your sister / mother/ closest female friend working for 7 years will get 1 year less salary overall than a male colleague. Is it fair? No. Can we speak up? Hell yes. Let’s not be victims but be the ones who turn things around.

Here’s what you can do: as a female don’t feel guilty for asking for a pay rise. Men are likely to earn more money because they won’t over-think telling their bosses that they want a higher salary. Asking for your pay package to reflect your hard work is not bitchy. It’s smart, so do it. As a male please realise that women are smart and creative business partners and they are not there to make you coffee or organise your files. They are employed to be heard, so listen.

This is not about feminism, it’s about fairness. If men were paid less than women I would stand by this cause the exact same way. So speak up ladies, and listen gentlemen!