Professional background and Portfolio

Creative and positive character available for
marketing and business development roles

I decided to take a career break and resigned as CEO in Malta to figure out what I truly enjoy doing professionally. I spent a few months travelling and had plenty of time to think: what kind of career suits my skills the best and what I’m honestly passionate about. Turns out it is Marketing and Business Development.
Now I live in Barcelona working as a Sales & Marketing Director.

Even though I was supposed to be on a long holiday, my marketing eye & business development mindset never slept! I ended up helping out local businesses (where I was a customer) with tips and strategies to improve their overall brand and to be better at customer service in general. In one case, I optimised a holiday accommodation’s online listings which increased their occupancy rate from 34% to 75%. Seeing the improvement and growth of a business is what naturally motivates me. Achieving these positive results through marketing & customer experience strategies is definitely where my real passion runs wild.

My key achievements in the last 3 years:

  • Based on performance as a freelancer Marketing Consultant got promoted to Marketing Director for a start-up group and within 1 year was offered CEO position for a start-up company within the group.
  • Produced and implemented the overall branding concept, marketing strategy and budget within a 6 week deadline.
  • Started off the ground a 25 room hotel from initial operational planning, sales & marketing strategies, team recruiting and training to achieve a 9.2 customer satisfaction score on
  • Overseen and managed the marketing team of the group to ensure plans are on track whilst preparing the launch of a new hotel as CEO of one of the companies within the group

I’m open to collaborations, remote-working projects, exciting challenges and would consider relocation for an innovative company within Europe.