Professional background and Portfolio

Timi Orosz spiritual development

On a mission to help you

turn your spiritual path into your career

Marketing came to me naturally as I threw myself into enhancing brands, writing sales copies and all sort of marketing materials. I loved it, my soul was on fire! When I invested in my personal and professional development my career sky rocketed and I went from a consultant role to marketing director to CEO within 2 years. Then I burnt out.

I quit my job as CEO and I ended up living in Sri Lanka for a little while where my mindset went through a million changes. Finding some clarity and balance eventually led me to Spain, where I currently live now on the wonderful island of Tenerife.

I created Connect One Marketing after many years of trying to find balance between my spiritual development and my love for creating value in businesses. Then it eventually hit me: there’s no need to separate the two, I can serve the community by doing what I truly enjoy and combine my spiritual journey with my career. I shifted ‘career’ into vocation.

My key achievements in recent years:

  • Based on performance as a freelancer Marketing Consultant, got promoted to Marketing Director for a start-up group and within 1 year was offered CEO position for a start-up company within the group.
  • Started off the ground a 25 room hotel from initial operational planning, sales & marketing strategies, team recruiting and training to achieve a 9.2 customer satisfaction score on
  • Quit as CEO and went backpacking across Sri Lanka alone. After 4 weeks of exploring, I decided to return back to Sri Lanka to live in a jungle. Once I was ready to kick-start a new adventure, I successfully interviewed from this jungle for a Director role in Barcelona beating over 200 applicants. Everything starts in the mind, I was 100% certain the role is going to be mine and kept focusing on the positive outcome.
  • Started Connect One Marketing right at the beginning of the global lockdown with a planned soft launch. I ended up securing three major projects within the first 3 months.

I’m open to collaborations, remote-working projects and exciting challenges that have one purpose: to make a positive impact.